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Success Stories

Peterborough Starter Company: Soundspeaks

Young Entrepreneurship is growing in Peterborough

Peterborough Starter Company program participant is young entrepreneur Caroline O’Grady. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Music Therapy from Acadia University and recently completed her accreditation internship with one of the premier music therapist in Ontario. While waiting for her accreditation approval from Canadian Association for Music Therapy, she completed the Starter Company program and was awarded a grant from the Ontario government to launch Soundspeaks Music Therapy.

Soundspeaks Music Therapy will proudly offer music therapy services to the Peterborough and surrounding area, specializing in music-based therapy that fosters positive change in other aspects of life. The personalized approach allows for partnership with individuals, as well as facilities and organizations looking to offer music therapy. Caroline prides herself on constructing a business that works closely with her clients to create a therapy program that is unique, professional and personal to each client.

With a strong love and understanding of music, therapeutic training and creative programming, Caroline is committed to solidifying a strong Music Therapy presence in the Peterborough region. Her intentions are to acknowledge each client as a unique individual, to create loyal therapeutic relationships, and share the transformative power of music.

To learn more about music therapy or to inquire about our services you can check out our website at, email Soundspeaks at or call at (705) 957-0340.

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