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Success Stories

Peterborough Starter Company: Clearwater Creations

Young entrepreneur Joey Azzarello will be creating backyard oases in Eastern Ontario with his Peterborough Starter Company. The 27 year old recently completed the Starter Company program, becoming the second recipient of the provincial grant in the Peterborough region.  Joey will be using the grant to expand Clearwater Creations, a pond and aquatic feature service company.

Clearwater Creations specializes in pond creation and aquatic feature education. They are the only company in Eastern Ontario providing complete pond care, from design and construction to maintenance and repair.  Joey and his business partner Tim Brown launched Clearwater Creations as a part-time venture in 2013.

How Clearwater started

Seeing the opportunity, Joey enrolled in the Starter Company program with aspirations of expanding his company. “There are some landscaping companies who create backyard ponds, but it’s not the focus of their service which can lead to issues for the homeowner. Last year, we built our reputation on fixing a lot of these ponds” says Joey.

Prior to starting the business in Peterborough, Joey and Tim worked for Burns Water Garden in Baltimore Ontario. “Burns has an amazing reputation and learning from some of the best in the business really gave us the skills, experience and confidence to launch Clearwater in Peterborough.” Clearwater Creations has a strong working relationship with Burns, and Joey hopes to have a product store front similar to Burns in Peterborough in the near future.

Currently Clearwater Creations is the only company offering complete pond maintenance and repair services in Peterborough, including winter closings and spring openings. “A lot of ponds require little to no maintenance, because they are self sustaining, balanced ecosystems. We always strive to educate our clients so they can better enjoy the wonder in their backyard”.

Along with the $5000 grant from the provincial government, Joey received valuable business skills development and mentorship from Peterborough Economic Development’s Business Advisory Centre.

Connect with Clearwater Creations

Make sure to visit Clearwater Creations to find more information. If you are interested in a free estimate or would like more information about back yard ponds and aquatic features, contact Joey at

“The addition of pond adds value to your home, provides a sense of tranquillity and helps increase the enjoyment of your backyard. Contact Clearwater and create your own back yard oasis!”

Want to be the next Starter Company?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur under the age of 29 and not a full-time student, contact Thivjan Tharma, Starter Company Program Coordinator at to learn more about the Starter Company Program.