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Success Stories

Noble Tech Announces $20 Million CleanTech Algae Plant

This week, Noble Tech Inc. founder Adam Noble announced plans for the company’s growth and evolution, including the construction of an over $20-million, 50,000-square-foot production facility in Peterborough with a goal to become the premier tenant of the new Trent Research and Innovation Park.

“We see algae differently. We want to create a more sustainable future. We are going to change the way the world treats water and we want to do that right here in Peterborough,” Mr. Noble said. “We have an aggressive growth strategy that will help us become the green tech leader in this field. Noble [Tech] was incubated in the community and we want to build on on foundation in this region while creating jobs and growing the green economy.”

Mr. Noble founded Noble Tech Inc. while still in high school. His research on algae garnered recognition including the gold meal at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh in May 2012 and a Top 20 Under 20 award from Youth in Motion in June 2014. He established his companies at the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster at Trent University where he has continued his algae research with the support of the university.

Today, Noble Tech Inc. is a next generation bioproducts company with a goal to create a more sustainable future. It researches, cultivates and markets unique microalgae strains and their derivatives for various market applications from wastewater treatment to nutritional products, and eventually, pharmaceuticals.

Noble Tech intends to begin construction on its new Peterborough facility in spring 2017. The new facility will have a capacity to produce more than 10,000 tonnes of algae per year.

We filmed a promotional video on Peterborough’s Water Technologies sector, 18 months ago, and had the opportunity to sit down with Noble’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Andressa Lacerda. Lacerda mentioned the support that Noble had received in the community, including from our team at Peterborough Economic Development, as crucial. Noble has also been supported on their journey by Community Futures Peterborough, the City of Peterborough, the Ontario Centres of Excellence and many others on their path to success. Lacerda also pointed out that Peterborough is a great region for young entrepreneurs and young companies.

A big congratulations to the team at Noble! We look forward to working with you as you create jobs and grow the green economy right here in the Peterborough Region.