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Success Stories

Collective Entertainment: B.L.A.S.T. Top 16 in 2016 Success Story

Jason receiving his cheque.

A young boy’s dream…  a helping hand… experience as an entertainer… and a little magic? This is the story behind Collective Entertainment.

As a boy, Jason Chessar dreamed of becoming a magician. With the help of a fellow performer J’s Magic became a reality. In 2013, Jason channeled his focus into giving back and supporting others and Collective Entertainment came to be. In the past two years of development, Jason has grown his existing business from one performer to over 10 performers, allowing him to better serve the entertainment needs of his client base and launch The Collective.

Collective Entertainment offer professional and unique entertainers to suit any event. They’re a convenient one-stop-shop with a reasonable price. This convenient, customer-focused approach allows individuals booking through Collective Entertainment to have a “magical” experience from booking to show time.

Jason credits the B.L.A.S.T. Pilot Program as being an integral part in bringing Collective Entertainment to life. The guidance, resources and support he received allowed him to take what he describes as a “foggy idea” into a clear vision. He plans to invest in lead generating marketing to expand Collective Entertainment’s marketshare with the help of the program’s microgrant.

Jason sees the region as a place that naturally lends itself to this type of entertainment company, with a vibrant arts community that includes some of the greatest artists Ontario as to offer – while also offering convenient access to a larger market in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jason Chessar. B.L.A.S.T. Top 16 in 2016 Finalist. Owner of The Collective Entertainment

We asked Jason, what success looks like for him? He answered simply: “My personal definition of success is living life doing what you love.”

To learn more about Collective Entertainment:


Phone: 1-800-380-5104

Twitter: @CollectiveEn


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