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Success Stories

Cambium Inc. Experiencing Impressive Growth

Local consulting and engineering firm Cambium Inc. has doubled in size over the past two years and is set to continue on its impressive pace of growth.  With another 20 employees expected to have joined Cambium during 2015, this Peterborough based firm will have close to 70 team members by 2016.

“We’re encouraged by our success to date,” notes president John Desbiens.  “Since our inception in 2006, our service offering has evolved from strictly environmental services to a much broader suite of integrated services; all of which support responsible community development and capital assets management.”

The new service groups have prompted the company to expand its geographic reach requiring satellite offices in Barrie and Oshawa, and second facility in Peterborough which hosts a comprehensive materials testing laboratory.   The expansion of capacity and capability has allowed the company to capture larger project contracts.  The firm was recently awarded one of the largest contaminated site remediation projects in Ontario requiring several disciplines of expertise.  “This recent contract award proves that we can compete with the larger consulting and engineering firms,” adds Jim Bailey, Cambium’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales. “It’s a milestone of pride in our company’s history.”

Room to Grow

Cambium was born from a management purchase of SGS Lakefield Research’s environmental consulting services.  Originally a 12 member team focused entirely on environmental consulting services, the company’s current services include geotechnical investigations, planning, construction testing and inspections, and building sciences.

A Community Filled with Support

As for the key to the company’s success, Desbiens advises “To be based in a supportive community such as Peterborough has been an advantage for Cambium.  Our team prides itself on delivering valued personal service which reflects the regional culture and resonates with our clients.  These relationships are built on trust; a concept fundamental to success especially in Eastern Ontario.”

We asked John Desbiens how the community contributes to Cambium’s success…

“Our business requires motivated, technical people and Peterborough is home to both Sir Sandford Fleming College and Trent University. Cambium has hired graduates of both institutions regularly over the past decade.  Further to that is the character of the Peterborough region itself which attracts prospective employees that recognize the unique lifestyle it offers, making them a good fit with our corporate culture.

Being in the community has allowed us to form relationships that go beyond the balance sheet; a prime example being the confidence in our business that we found with the staff at the local RBC Royal Bank which makes our expansion possible […] Peterborough Economic Development and the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce have also been active supporters and provided Cambium with invaluable resources and networking opportunities throughout our growth.  Cambium’s founders are proudly from the Peterborough region and we’re pleased we’ve been able build our business here. “