Advanced Manufacturing is opening doors to high value jobs in Peterborough.

Have you heard? The face of manufacturing in Peterborough has changed to a high tech sector. We had the opportunity to talk to local Advanced Manufacturing businesses. We asked them “Why did you choose Peterborough to operate your business?”

Quick Facts

  • Sector size: Peterborough’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector includes over 55 companies that produce goods for both industrial and consumer use.
  • Industries: Peterborough’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector supplies to the Aerospace, Nuclear, Clean Tech Water, power generation, Automobile, Food & Beverages, and Instrumentation/Automation industries
  • Manufactured product types: Companies in this sector’s supply chain manufacture machinery & equipment, metal & plastic products, and machined components.
  • Global Value Chain: From Peterborough, Ontario, Multinational and Canadian companies deliver products and services to around the globe, including South America, Europe and Asia.


Business Support

The Kawartha Manufacturers’ Association (KMA) offers many innovative and cost-effective opportunities for networking, advocacy, and training and development; helping its members to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Through strategic partnerships with industry, government, and other community stakeholders, the KMA’s mission is to increase the competitiveness and competencies of manufacturers’ in the Kawarthas. Always evolving for the benefit of the members, some key strategic directions have already been identified for the coming year, such as:

  • Active participation to the Power Rates Committee
  • Training program/workshops
  • Strengthen the regional footprint through the partnerships with the QMA & NMA
  • Developing growth/retention opportunities

Suzanne McCrimmon

Suzanne McCrimmon
Director of Business Development

705-743-0777 Ext. 2127

Cell: 705-872-6802