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Economic Recovery Plan for Peterborough & the Kawarthas

This plan was developed in consultation with other business support agencies such as the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, Peterborough DBIA, Community Futures Peterborough and Innovation Cluster – Peterborough & the Kawarthas, and more importantly from hundreds of business responses received through direct calls and online surveys. It is an outline of activities that will be undertaken by a joint Economic Task Force led by the Mayor of the City of Peterborough and the Warden of the County of Peterborough to help the local business community adapt and rebuild this regional economy by working together.

This plan is in line with the Province of Ontario’s Framework for Reopening our Province

Business Community Input

Share your thoughts

The task force is calling on the local business community to share positive solutions and ideas related to COVID-19 business challenges, so that this information can be shared with all levels of Government to inform recovery planning that will help support local businesses in Peterborough & the Kawarthas and beyond. Please limit your submissions to no more than 1-2 sentences.

Mayor & Warden’s Economic Recovery Task Force Report Card

To view the status of the Economic Recovery Plan for the region, please see the progress tracker below. For detailed information on the issues/challenges being addressed by the task force, please view the report card, which will be updated on a monthly basis.

Last updated Dec 2, 2020.

View the Report

Phase 1: Immediate Recovery Plan (Protect)

In line with the efforts of the Province of Ontario, this first phase of the plan is focussed on protecting and supporting our community. The primary focus must remain on the health and well-being of our community through steadfast commitment to following the recommendations of public health officials. 

Timing: Short-term during the Ontario Declaration of Emergency Period

This first phase will remain in effect until the declaration of Emergency has been lifted. The primary purpose of this phase is to identify companies’ needs, challenges and opportunities. Identifying those companies at greatest risk and identifying ways to support them through this closure period. The goal is to assist them through this time period so that they may reopen when it is appropriate to do so.


Creation of an online Recovery Centre Portal

View the Peterborough & the Kawarthas Business Online Recovery Centre Portal


Identification of Mayor and Warden’s Joint Task Force for Economic Recovery


Proactive Outreach to Local Businesses Across All Sectors and Municipalities

As of May 15th, PKED staff have made more than 500 direct calls to local businesses across all sectors and municipalities in the region.

For a full overview of issues being experienced by local businesses see the monthly report card above.


Report Challenges and Opportunities to all Levels of Government and Key Industry Associations

To view the issues that have been elevated by the task force see the monthly report card above.


Support and Share Virtual Town Hall Events for Business

Dave Smith, Peterborough-Kawartha MPP hosted a series of virtual business recovery Town Halls


Launch an online Business Collaboration Portal

View the Business Collaboration Portal


Research & Study Recovery Response Plans, Identify Best Practices

Initial research has been been completed and ongoing research on current and emerging best practices will continue as the situation evolves.


Regular Connection with Local Media and City/County Communications Teams


Connect with Commercial Landlords


Explore Business Mentor Program

A variety of online webinars and virtual networking events such as those from the Innovation Cluster, Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and PKED are serving as places for business-to-business interaction.


Begin to Research and Build Marketing Plans to be Implemented in the Re-Start and Recovery Phases

Phase 2: Mid-Term Recovery Plan (Restart)

Inline with the efforts of the Province of Ontario, the second phase of the plan is focused on a careful, staged approach to loosening emergency measures and reopening Ontario’s economy. In this phase, public health and workplace safety will remain a top priority, while balancing the needs of our community and our businesses. Guidelines are being created and communicated on an ongoing basis by the Government for workplace safety, and there will be careful monitoring to maintain public health.

For Peterborough & the Kawarthas, the key focus will be on business retention – doing whatever we can to help local businesses re-open and sustain operations during this phase, which will support local employment.


Identify businesses that are permitted to re-open. Track and report on needs

As the government makes announcements related to essential services and those businesses that are permitted to open, information will be sourced and shared.

View the portal


Share re-opening Guidelines, Programs and Protocols as Announced

Share re-opening guidelines, programs and protocols as they are announced with Business Community through a variety of communication channels including the Business Recovery Centre Portal

View the portal


Identify Adjustments to Future Ready Ec Dev Strategy and Destination Dev’t Plan

Tourism Destination Development Strategy and Action Plan Updates


Report to City and County Council on Economic Recovery Task Force Progress

Monthly updates will be provided to both City of Peterborough and County of Peterborough Municipal Councils.


Work with Workforce Development Board to Understand Local Workforce Impact


Launch Recovery Destination Marketing Program

Phase 3: Long-Term Recovery Plan (Recover)

Inline with the efforts of the Province of Ontario, ensuring the health and safety of the public and workers will continue to be a key priority. The third phase of the plan is focused on Recovery, and a return to what is sure to be a “New Normal”. The focus will be on transitioning from the recovery phase to routine business activity and to resume full implementation of the Future Ready Economic Development Strategy, with a renewed focus on new investment, growth of business, job creation and improved economic prosperity through innovation and sustainability.


Provide Input on Business Resiliency Against Future Disasters / Emergencies / Pandemics


Create a Business Disaster Plan Toolkit for Businesses, add Disaster/Crisis mitigation planning for SME’s as ongoing programming from BAC

In progress

Explore Launch of Local Business Hub for Business

Over the course of the last 6 months a series of initiatives have been created by various local business organizations, which has fulfilled this action.


Investigate Remote Working Strategy


Encourage Permanent #TeamPtbo Concept for Continued Business Support