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Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers

We have compiled a list of local businesses that can supply PPE. Please reach out to the businesses listed directly to inquire.

If you are a business that can supply PPE, and would like to be added to this list, please send an email with your company name, a list of items that you can supply and a direct link to your website with information on how to order.

Gail Henderson

Gail Henderson

Corporate Finance Specialist

705-743-0777 Ext 2140

As the Corporate Financial Specialist, Gail oversees the daily financial operations and key activities of the corporation to assist staff in successfully fulfilling and achieving set targets and project goals. As part of the Operations team, Gail also ensures that corporate expenditures are in compliance with policies and procedures and assists in monitoring key funding initiatives for reporting requirements. She supports key record management functions and supports the Financial Controller with reconciliation activities. She is also a member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee.

Contact Gail for: financial related inquiries re: accounts payables and receivables, proof of payment, general financial inquiries.