Trent Lakes is a small, cottage country municipality located north of Peterborough.

This municipality supports agriculture, aggregate businesses and popular tourist attractions including Buckhorn, Catchacoma, and Kinmount.

Far enough from the city to provide a peaceful and quiet experience, yet close enough to enjoy the amenities, it is a wonderful place to get away. In addition to two major provincial parks, the Trent Severn Water-Way passes through the township – allowing many boaters to pass through and visit this community.

Trent Lakes is a cottage-oriented municipality, known for warmly welcoming seasonal and year-round outdoor lovers. Its natural beauty contributes to the recreational atmosphere and opportunities for tourism investment. It has to be seen, to be believed.

What makes this Municipality unique from the others?

  1. Trent Severn Water-Way passes through the township
  2. Two provincial parks
  3. High seasonal tourism

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