Located in the heart of the County of Peterborough, this growing community has a mix of agriculture, retail, commercial, industrial, recreation and tourism businesses.

Mere minutes away from the City of Peterborough, the township combines the traditions of small town life with access to the arts, culture, shopping, and amenities of an urban centre. The many area lakes and rivers attract a diverse mix of year-round residents, cottagers, and vacationing tourists.

Selwyn is a one of a kind township where flourishing local businesses line the streets. These are the types of communities where the general store is always just down the road and everyone comes out to support the local hockey team. It’s not hard to see why generations of families have chosen to make this special place home.

Sharing in the successful growth of the City of Peterborough, Selwyn is attracting the attention of businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

From the cottage lake to the most creative careers, Selwyn has plenty to offer you, your family, and your business.

What makes this Municipality unique from the others?

  1. Diverse industrial, commercial and agriculture base for future development
  2. Excellent education, training, and research and development opportunities
  3. A full-service community, with low costs for investment

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