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Cavan Monaghan provides a beautiful rural setting for families to call home. The township has manufacturers, farms, retail and service businesses, and has commercial lands and investment opportunities.

This Township takes pride in its Canadian heritage, which is evident through its well-preserved villages, it’s strong sense of history, and its current-day ties to the past. The 4th Line Theatre is a perfect example: an outdoor venue, known for producing all-Canadian plays about the lives and stories of Canada and its residents, it attracts visitors from across Ontario and around the world.

Cavan Monaghan believes in developing and maintaining a tightly knit community by providing its members with seasonal and holiday-themed events in its downtown core. Some of these exciting events (put on by the Millbrook Business Improvement Area) include: Ladies Night, The Santa Claus Parade, The Scarecrow Festival, as well as the Millbrook Classic Car Show.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, the township offers an extensive trail system. Millbrook Valley Trails consists of five different trails, all varying in difficulty and distance. The area is also home to well-stocked ponds and streams for fishing.

Although the township is considered rural, it is situated along our major highway systems. Its prime location, just outside the city of Peterborough, allows for a rural Ontario lifestyle with the benefit of metropolitan city access.

With its excellent soil and quality of land, it is a prime area for the agricultural industry – in fact, it hosts a healthy mix of crop and livestock farms. Small scale, market, and hobby farmers have also been flocking to the area. Big or small, you can grow it all in Cavan Monaghan.

What makes this Municipality unique from the others?

  1. A Business Improvement Area
  2. Recreational offerings such as 4th Line Theater and Millbrook Valley Trails
  3. Excellent quality of soil conditions for agriculture

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