Located 30 km east of the City of Peterborough, Asphodel-Norwood has an economy based on agriculture, small manufacturing and the service industry.

The township is an ideal blend of country, cottage, and village life, and is regarded as a safe and friendly community to live, work and play.

The scenic Ouse River weaves its way through the township, becoming a focal point in the village of Norwood. It is a year-round attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, picnickers, and public festival-goers. The Norwood esker is another notable feature – a large source of aggregates, it sustains a considerable amount of the township’s economy, as well as Norwood’s water supply.
The Township – as well as its notable citizens – have helped several minor league hockey teams reach impressive success against leagues and teams with resources far beyond those of Asphodel-Norwood.

With close proximity to other cities, there are numerous employment opportunities for residents.

What makes this Municipality unique from the others?

  1. Trans-Canada Highway through the township improves shipping, industries, and tourism
  2. Retirement area with key services and housing
  3. Storied hockey history and success at junior levels

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