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Business Collaboration Portal

In a time of considerable change, the one thing that has remained constant is the collaborative spirit of the local business community. In response to COVID-19, we are inviting all local businesses interested in supplying products and services or looking for collaboration opportunities with other local businesses to use this business collaboration tool.

This tool is not meant to be a buy-and-sell site or a place for B2B marketing. Instead is is meant to assist local businesses collaborate on new partnerships and for the creation of new products and services to help the economy thrive.

Simply, register below to create a posting or connect with our team by sending us an email.

Please note that all submissions require approval before they are posted and will be reviewed by a member of our team during business hours.

As companies look to retool and develop new products to respond to the global demand for medical devices and personal protective equipment, it is critical for the safety of front line workers and patients that product safety remains a priority.  In order to assist companies looking to retool, the Standards  Council of Canada has created a reference guide for government and industry.  The reference guide outlines some of the standards available that may be helpful as well as a list of testing labs.



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