Basil’s Lawn Care – Summer Company Success Story


We visited Cole Robbins, the owner of Basil’s Lawn Care on the job to find out what makes his lawn care company different and to find out what interested him about business.

1) How would you describe your business/what does your business do?

My business is called Basil’s Lawn Care. I do total yard maintenance and clean-up. Our main work, however, is cutting and trimmings of customers lawn during the summer season.

2) What influenced your decision to start your business?

What influenced me to start my own business is to really get a better understanding of what business is all about. I am currently enrolled in business administration at Trent University and business is something that intrigues me. I realized that everyone needs to cut their grass in the summer and thought it was something I could be successful at and still learn so much about running a small business.

3) What makes Peterborough & the Kawarthas a great place to be an entrepreneur?

What makes Peterborough and the Kawarthas a great place to be an entrepreneur is that the support in this city for young people with goals and dreams is absolutely outstanding. From the summer company program to just people on the streets. Everyone is rooting for you and willing to help you along the way and that makes a huge difference. The support in the city makes it fun and easy when starting a business can be a stressful time.

4) How did the Business Advisory Centre help you?

The Business Advisory Centre helped me in a few different aspects. The workshops and mentorship nights have been outstanding and taught me so much. The business plan and keeping track of everything have been a huge help and learning experience. Again going back to the support it has been endless and everyone at the Business Advisory Centre is always ready to help.

The program funding really allowed me to get the business up and running. I used it on my equipment (lawn mower, weed trimmer, leaf blower) and some gas to start me up. Without that money I would not be running a business it was a fantastic help.

5) What is next?

The next step for Basil’s Lawn Care is to expand next summer. I would like to have many more clients, hire employees to work for me 5 days a week. So the next step will be to get more customers next summer by marketing and getting my name out there. From there continue to grow every year.

6) What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs would be if you have a dream or a vision and believe it’s possible and you enjoy doing it and have a passion for it nothing can stop you. Yes, there will be difficult times but nothing comes easy and if it were easy everyone would be doing it. So don’t quit on something you believe in and are passionate about.

 7) What is your personal definition of “success”?

My definition of success would be achieving your goals. What you set up to do and wrote about in your business plan. Achieving all that and feeling happy with yourself and that you worked your hardest and reached your set target to me that is “success”. It doesn’t matter what your goals are no matter how big or small. Achieving what you set out to do defines success in my books.