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Meet the 2021 Business Count Team

On May 3rd, Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development (PKED) started the 2nd Annual Business Count. With the help of 4 students, PKED will be conducting a brief voluntary survey that will provide valuable insight into the region’s economy. It is important that data is collected from as many businesses in the community as possible to establish a healthy benchmark for local employers, planners and workforce. 

Meet the students:

Ella Fischer-Slack: Ella is studying Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. In her opinion, the natural beauty and strong sense of community are what make the City and County of Peterborough special. As a surveyor, Ella is most looking forward to having the chance to speak with local business owners and take part in the opportunity to further develop the local economy.

Kate Wrightly: Kate is currently in the Bachelor of Commerce program with a concentration in Human Resource Management. In her opinion, the variety of locations and and attractions that the City and County of Peterborough have to offer make it special. One minute you can be right downtown Peterborough in the “Big City” and with just a short drive you can be in cottage country or in a cozy small town. As a surveyor, Kate is most looking forward to learning more about our local businesses and the economy. She thinks it will be very interesting to get to speak with many businesses that she am not familiar with. Kate is also interested in how all businesses are doing and how they are trying to recover from the pandemic.

Laura Thompson: Laura is currently studying Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration. In her opinion, the people are what make the City and County of Peterborough special. Everyone is so friendly and really cares about their neighbours and the community. As a surveyor, Laura is most looking forward to making connections with local businesses and getting to the know the people that make Peterborough & the Kawarthas unique.

Kennedy Crockower: Kennedy is currently studying Applied Behaviour Analysis. In her opinion, the amazing art, music, and food scene while still having access to the great outdoors is what makes the City and County of Peterborough special. As a surveyor, Kennedy is most looking forward to meeting all the different businesses in the area and expanding her knowledge of her home town.

The business count will ask questions such as: 

  • How many people do you employ? 
  • What is the square footage of your business? 
  • Do you import or export? 
  • What is the legal status and ownership of your company? 

The business count data will: 

  • Provide a valuable annual snapshot of the region’s business community 
  • Identify vacant properties and spaces for new and existing businesses to locate, supporting the region’s main streets, business corridors and storefronts 
  • Provide improved regional workforce data 
  • Assist in making better informed decisions related to job growth, workforce development, business opportunities and community development initiatives 

For more info on data collection and to view Frequently Asked Questions visit: www.ptbobusinesscount.ca  

Review the 2020 Business Count Report here. 

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