Zan’s Creative Club: A Summer Company Story

Zan Bilz, a student of Trent University’s concurrent education program, will be putting her creativity and teaching skills to good use this summer as an entrepreneur operating her own business: Zan’s Creative Club.

Zan’s Creative Club has two main areas of focus: jewelry and ukuleles. Zan will be running weekly group ukulele lessons, private lessons and parties teaching people to play and explore their own musical abilities. The jewelry side is inspired by Zan’s love for creating handcrafted jewelry that incorporate upcycled and natural materials. She will also be running workshops and hosting jewelry making parties over the summer.

Zan is finding the support she receives through the Summer Company program – including the workshops, one-on-one meetings and resources – to be extraordinarily helpful. “There are a number of great resources and supportive, knowledgeable people at Peterborough Economic Development’s [Business Advisory Centre],” explains Zan, “I am so grateful for all of their assistance and support.

When we asked Zan what advice she would offer to other aspiring entrepreneurs, she answered:

“I believe it is important to look at the reasons why you are starting a business: is your heart in it? Is it something that you are passionate about? Are you serving your community in some way? Look at the reason and use them to inspire you to tackle the challenging and scary parts.”

For more information on Zan’s Creative Club, contact Zan:

Email: website:


Instagram: SilverLiningsDesigns

Facebook: Silver Lining Designs, Happy Uke Group

Phone number:  705-808-3131

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