HR Workshop – The Human Connection

Wednesday November 23, 2016
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Lakefield Marshland Centre, 64 Hague Blvd, Lakefield, K0L 2H0

Al older person talking with a younger person, while they look at a tablet. "HR - The human connection" text is over the people.

Looking to expand your business in order to accommodate the needs of a growing customer base? Frequently, we receive questions from Business Advisory Centre clients on human resources related topics. This workshop, “HR – The Human Connection” offers participants the opportunity to learn how to navigate the recruitment, hiring and staff relations process.

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn about:

  • hiring their first employee
  • navigating the HR paperwork including payroll, WSIB, AODA and tax forms
  • wage subsidies offered locally
  • how to recruit employees
  • vetting potential employees and pre-employment screening
  • writing job descriptions

Facilitator: Matthew Savino of Savino Human Resources Professionals

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