We offer a number of membership and partnership opportunities that allow you to network and promote your business, seminars and workshops to help you stay on top of the latest trends and information, support services to answer your questions and resources to help you start and grow.

Frequently asked questions

Starting a business:

  1. I have never owned a business or made a business plan, can Peterborough Economic Development (PED) help me?
    Peterborough’s Business Advisory Centre is located at our PED office. We have team of business experts that can help you at every stage of the business planning process. You can visit our Startups & Small Business page to learn more about how we can help, and book a consultation to get started.
  2. Does PED charge any fees for a consultation?
    All consultations with our Business Advisory Centre experts are free of charge. We are here to help anyone interested in starting or growing their business. To get started, visit our Startups & Small Business page to book a consultation.
  3. Can I register my business at PED?
    All businesses in Ontario need to be registered through Service Ontario, but our Business Advisory Centre can help guide you through the process.

Growing or relocating my business:

  1. Does Peterborough Economic Development (PED) provide loans, or funding
    for my business?
    We do not provide any loans or funding assistance for people starting or growing their business. Our team helps you find the best funding solution for your business, and can assist you with your application process.
  2. Does PED have any economic data on the Peterborough region?
    All of our data is listed on our website. You can visit our Economic Highlights
    page to view data for each of our communities, or download our Community Profile.
  3. Can PED help me find a location for my business?
    Our team is here to assist you in the selection of property and building site locations. We conduct industrial and commercial business tours through commercial realtors for any businesses interested in relocating to the Peterborough region. You can visit our Business Expansion page to learn more about how we can help.