exterior of the Peterborough Airport with blue skies, flags flying and planes parked to the side

With a community of operations at and in close proximity to Peterborough’s Airport and aerospace business park, Peterborough is a leading base for national and international manufacturing, repair and overhaul; research and development; and training.

The Peterborough region offers excellent access to unrestricted airspace, a highly skilled workforce, industry leading training facilities, desirable infrastructure to reduce top line costs and serves as an excellent launching point for national, U.S. and global markets.

Invest in Peterborough

With an ever-increasing number of diverse aviation and aerospace sector businesses, and a community rich in experience and expertise, Peterborough offers an inclusive atmosphere of success.

A Strategic Location

Easy access to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Eastern United States makes Peterborough an attractive place from which to connect the aerospace market. Peterborough is only 2 hours away from the U.S border, and has a lower cost of doing business compared to larger markets. We have lower corporate tax rates (25% compared to 36% US average) and business operating costs in Ontario are 93.7% of US business operating costs.


Matt Braithwaite

Matt Braithwaite
Business Development Lead

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