Peterborough Labour Market Gateway Tool

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) launched their new Labour Market Gateway tool today at Peterborough Economic Development. The Labour Market Gateway is an interactive component of the WDB website that provides users with local, current and relevant labour market information for the Peterborough region.

 Users can access two levels of information:

  1. Five year projection of Top 50 Occupations and the estimated number of jobs
  2. Quarterly job postings (the number of online job postings in the Peterborough area per quarter)

In addition to this labour market information, the WDB has also developed a job search engine tool in partnership with the Community Employment Resources Partnership (CERP) to assist job seekers and employment councillors in their online job searching activities. It is important to note that all jobs in this tool have been posted in the Peterborough region by a verified source.

The Labour Market Gateway tool will help employers, job seekers, business groups, training institutions and economic development organizations.

Our team at Peterborough Economic Development is looking forward to the insights that will come from this data, and to having this information available for helping both retain and attract new business to the region.

Photo credit: @stabler_ptbo

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