Jaspy Clothing: A Summer Company Story

Jaspy Clothing takes the old and makes it new again. Started by Sylvie Reddick, Jaspy Clothing upcycles clothing, transforming once-loved pieces into wearable pieces of art. Upcycling clothing not only allows Sylvie to express her creativity, but also keeps material from ending up in landfills, ensuring that the business is environmentally-conscious. Jaspy Clothing believes in promoting the well-being of the Earth, and combines Sylvie’s two biggest passions: the environment and fashion.

As a new resident of Peterborough, Sylvie is constantly impressed by the creative energy of the community.”[Peterborough & the Kawarthas] is excellent for entrepreneurs because it is full of people who are passionate about their community and are willing to help new businesses.” With help from Peterborough Economic Development and the Summer Company program, Sylvie was able to start her career in fashion much earlier than she ever thought possible and is excited about what she will learn this summer saying, “I will be able to gain experience that will open up other opportunities for me in the future.” The funding Sylvie has received through the Summer Company  program has allowed her to purchase a large quantity of clothing and material to build up an inventory of upcycled clothing.

To Sylvie, success means achieving goals and looking forward to the future, “success comes with patience and perseverance. If you can clearly state a goal, and then achieve that goal with hard work, passion, and without compromise, you have succeeded. However, every success opens a door for a new goal and further achievements to work towards.”

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