Dasfinity – Summer Company Success Story

We visited Issac McQuaide, the founder of Dasfinity at his home office to talk about the changing landscape of software development and how he plans to leverage the power of social networks and collaborative thinking to create market ready software products.


Q. How would you describe your business and the products or services you offer? 

A. Dasfinity is a web-based platform dedicated to enabling individuals with technology-related ideas to develop and release their products to an online market. Dasfinity provides a forum where individuals can create and maintain a page for their project. The user can ask questions, as well as post updates regarding their product; concurrently developing their product and gaining popularity. Once the product is in a releasable state, they can sell their product in the product section. Dasfinity is designed with the intention of allowing individuals of all skill-levels to design products despite their potential complexity.


Q. What influenced your decision to start Up Close Imaging?

A. Dasfinity was created, because at the age of fourteen—still a young, inexperienced programmer—I noticed a lack of a complete platform for software development. At this time I was still a beginner at programming, and therefore an easy platform to assist me in my software-related endeavours would have been useful. There were no direct means of getting assistance from the community on a particular project, and then releasing the final product to the same, already established community. I felt Dasfinity was a useful project for myself, as well as others in my position. My target audience later grew to anyone with a technology-related idea.

Q. What makes Peterborough & the Kawarthas a great place to be an entrepreneur?

A. Peterborough and the Kawarthas is an excellent location to be an entrepreneur, as it is a very welcoming community, with ample amounts of entrepreneurial support and individuals familiar with business.

Q. How has the Business Advisory Centre helped you?

A.  The Business Advisory Centre helped me develop Dasfinity in numerous ways. The program provided an urgency to complete the project, that otherwise would not have been there, had I of merely continued developing on my own, without outside assistance. The Business Advisory Centre provides many useful workshops and mentorship sessions, which have given me an external, experienced perspective on business. The program funding has enabled me to incorporate my business, as well as purchase software to aid in my development of Dasfinity.


Q. What’s next for you? How will Up Close Imaging continue to grow?

A. Dasfinity, in the short-term, must be fully completed, and publicly released. In the long-term, Dasfinity will hopefully develop a community composed of both experienced professionals and inexperienced beginners, working in a codependent relationship; developing and selling their products with one another’s assistance.

Q. What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

A. An individual who wishes to become an entrepreneur should strive to do so as quickly as possible. If one does not swiftly—but with purpose and careful consideration—create their business, one can quickly be trapped in a loop of trepidation and concern about the prospects and quality of the business.


Q. What is your personal definition of “success”?

A.  Success is living doing what you enjoy doing while being able to effect positive change in the world around you. It is working with both purpose and pleasure.


Business: Dasfinity

Owner: Isaac McQuaide


Phone: (705) 917-1288