Class A Auto Detailing – Summer Company Success Story

Jake Praught grew up in Peterborough & the Kawarthas, and ever since he got his license and his first truck he has taken pride in keeping it clean. Jakes meticulous attention to while detailing his own vehicle is carried over to customer jobs at his new business, Class A Auto Detailing. Learn more about Jake and the Class A Auto story below.


1) How would you describe your business/what does your business do?

Class A Auto Detailing is a fully mobile automotive detailing company. We wash, wax, and polish the exterior of your vehicle including the paint, tires and rims, and any other items you would like cleaned. We also detail the interior, wipe down the dash, seats and floor mats with antibacterial spray, and then fully vacuum the car. We can shampoo and steam clean seats as well.

2) What influenced your decision to start your business?

I have always taken pride in keeping my truck the cleanest it can be, inside and out. So I thought why not turn a passion into a business. That’s when I heard about the summer company program and decided it was a perfect option.

3) What makes Peterborough & the Kawarthas a great place to be an entrepreneur?

Peterborough and the Kawartha`s is a great area to become an entrepreneur because there are a lot of self-employed people that live in the area, and the services in the community can help you with your company and give you advice.

4) How did the Business Advisory Centre help you?

The Business  Advisory Centre has helped me better understand the logistics of running a company, for example keeping track of receipts and money spent and money made.The funding has allowed me to buy all the necessary materials and equipment required to successfully run my business.

5) What is next? 

The next step for Class A Auto Detailing I believe is to build a bigger customer network and get my name out there. We have completed a lot of cars already, but we feel like more exposure and a bigger customer base would help us grow.

6)What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

 My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs would be every week set a goal of how much money you want to make, or how many new clients you want to gain, then double it. As they say, shoot for the moon, if you fail you will fall amongst the stars.

 7) What is your personal definition of “success”?

My definition of success would be, working so hard, and so long that by the age of 50, you don’t have to work at all.


You can contact Jake from Class A Auto Detailing to get your car looking new using the information below.


Phone: (705) 559-3740