Casas Maintenance: A Summer Company Story

For Tomas Casas, owner of Casas Maintenance he is hoping that being the owner of his own business will allow him to fuel his passion for motorcycle racing – he has a dream of one day making a career out of racing.

Casas Maintenance provides lawn and yard maintenance services. He focuses his service delivery around the phrase “Brighten your home, brighten your life.” and aims to ensure that his clients are able to take pride in their homes and gardens. Casas Maintenance provides grass cutting and leaf removal services – things that make homeownership a little easier for busy professionals, families and the elderly this summer. After the summer, he is looking expand his services to include snow removal.

Through the Summer Company program, Tomas has had the opportunity to get started in a professional way including support with the registration and licensing of his business, the creation of promotional materials and finessing his customer service skills. “With their help I will be able to run a more reliable and efficient business.” said Tomas of his experience with Peterborough Economic Development’s Business Advisory Centre.

With the funding Tomas has received through the Summer Company program, he is buying necessary machinery and equipment to run a professional and sustainable business.

When asked what advice he would offer other aspiring entrepreneurs, Tomas said,  “Be determined. If you’re unsure how to move on, look for help and push forward. The most important thing I’d say is to never give up and whatever it is you do, do it with passion and you’ll do a great job.”

Want to learn more about Casas Maintenance, contact Tomas:

By email:

Or by phone: 705-868-3465

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