Campus Tripz – Summer Company Success Story

We sat down with Ryan Landriault, the founder of Campus Tripz to find out more about the services offered and the creative approach Campus Tripz is taking to provide affordable group travel rates. Ryan is a traveller at heart with a wall full of boarding tickets, find out more about Ryan and Campus Tripz below.


Q. How would you describe your business?

A. We strategize, conceptualize, build and deliver student and professional group events. Our expertise includes student club meetings and gatherings to domestic and international destinations, conferences, and major public events. We specialize in planning events for sports teams and non-educational groups such as reunions and group celebrations. Our involvement can range from simply doing site selections local and abroad to full event & meeting planning.


Q. What influenced your decision to start your business?

A. Being from a family of entrepreneurs in real estate and construction, I’ve always been exposed to entrepreneurship and that mindset from a young age. It was only a matter of time before I followed my family’s footsteps – just being that I also followed my passion for travel and event planning.


Q. What makes Peterborough & the Kawarthas a great place to be an entrepreneur?

A. Peterborough is home to many students and two of Canada’s popular post-secondary institutions which deliver a diverse base of clientele. In addition, we are in a strategic geographical location of many other student filled cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and the United States for future business prospects.


Q. How did the Business Advisory Centre help you?

A. The business advisory centre provided me with a plethora of information on business ownership, provincial and federal guidelines and a great support network of professionals that are eager to help you grow personally as well as support the growth of your business.

The program funding has allowed us to use the best digital marketing services in the industry along with professional website design and support. In addition, we have been able to pay for unique licenses in event planning and memberships in the travel industry.


Q. What is next? (how will your business continue to grow and evolve?

A. Within the next year or two, we would like to act as a sole travel operator by obtaining a full TICO license in order to service larger events and operate as a unique travel agency in addition to our event planning.


Q. What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

A. Definitely, use your personal network to start growing your business. Family and friends are a great resource as they may have the key to help your business grow – never burn your bridges as you may have to cross them again in the future.


Q. What is your personal definition of “success”?

A. Success is working hard to fulfil your personal goals while showing hard work and determination.


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